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Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance Rules:

Before every practice or game take 5 minutes and look around and see what needs to be done. Check for weeds in the infield.  Don't be afraid to bend over and pull them out.

Do not broom off any water from the infield into the grass.

After every game please rake the infield including the home plate and pitcher's mound for the next team to play even if your the last game for the night.

Please have your team pick up all trash from both benches.

A new drain with a screen to catch infield soil mix has been installed on field number 6.  Please make sure it is kept clear and thank Bob Decembrino for installing it and redoing this field!

Please keep gang boxes cleaned at all times.  The lime should always be kept separate from equipment.

Take your time lining the field.  The foul line width in professional baseball is only 2 ½ inches wide.   

Have fun and play ball.

Remember we are here for the children.  Each child should have a positive memorable experience.

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