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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct!
All Fox-Rok coaches, players and spectators are expected to behave in a respectable manner at all times during their participation in our programs.  Foul language and abusive conduct will not be tolerated and the offending party is subject to ejection from participating in the Fox-Rok Athletic Association. No refunds are provided if the participant is ejected for the above reasons.  Spectators who violate this conduct policy will be requested to stay away from games and practices.  If the spectator does not comply with this request then their child or player may be subject to ejection from the Fox-Rok Athletic Association.

Listed below is the letter that all coaches are required to sign prior to the start of each sport season:


All coaches regardless of sport shall be responsible to the Fox-Rok Executive Board for their own actions and the behavior of their players.


All coaches shall be responsible for spectator conduct, which include the player's family members.


Coaches, players and parents are to refrain from unsportsmanship conduct including, but not limited to the following:


  • Abusive language.
  • Vulgar language.
  • Unsportsmanship conduct toward any umpire(s) or referee(s).
    • No parent or player shall confront a referee or umpire about any calls made during a game.  If a coach is unhappy about the call, he/she will inquire about the call and the reason for it with the official.  We have and will suspend or forbid unruly parents from attending Fox-Rok sponsored events.
  • Any player or coach involved in any form of intentional physical contact (when provoking a fight as in pushing, shoving or hitting) will be automatically suspended for three (3) games to be served consecutively. The Executive Board will consider longer suspensions depending on the seriousness of the confrontation.  We will not tolerate any fights. 
  • Being under the influence of alcohol and/or non-prescribed drugs during a game or practice.
  • Taunting opposing players.
  • Use of any equipment as a weapon.
  • Anyone caught vandalizing Fox-Rok property or equipment will be permanently removed from membership with the Fox-Rok Athletic Association and the incident will be reported to the Philadelphia Police Department.


Any of the above infractions could result in a ban from the Fox-Rok Athletic Association for failure to abide by these rules of conduct.


In addition, as coach, I agree to submit background checks to the Fox-Rok Athletic Associate prior to coaching that is in conformance with the Pennsylvania State laws and will take responsible for the return of all equipment issued at the end of the season for the applicable sport.


By signing below, I acknowledge that I fully understand and agree to this Code of Conduct and the policies of the Fox-Rok Athletic Association.

Coaches can download this pdf document here: codeofconductlh07212021.pdf

Parents are vital to the development of young athletes.  Whether sitting in the stands or helping out as a volunteer, parents must set a positive example.  Parents and adults involved in youth sports should be models of good sportsmanship and lead by example on and off the playing field.  If a problem arises or if you disagree with a coach’s decision or an official’s call, please remain calm as it is only a game.  

We will not tolerate parents or any other family member badgering or insulting officials, coaches, volunteers, vendors, sponsors or business partners.  This includes making 
negative remarks, or remarks that could be construed as condescending or negative, regarding the team’s organization, coaching, directing, officiating, or management over any source of social media; to include but not limited to: Twitter (now known as X), Facebook, newspapers, Instagram, Blogs, etc.  Please exhibit respect and sensitivity to our staff as we are all non-paid volunteers.  100% of your registration fee is spent on the children who participated in our programs.  

Should you have questions about why we do some things, have a problem with a coach or any other situations arise that you deem requires clarification or justification, please feel free to speak to any Board of Director's member in private.  You are invited to attend our general monthly meetings that all board members attend to discuss any issues or concerns.  Our monthly general monthly meetings are held every third Tuesday in the basement meeting room at Curley's Pub, 8929 Krewstown Road at 8:30 PM.  We encourage all parents and newcomers to attend these meetings.

Health and Accident Insurance!

Your personal health insurance is the primary coverage for any injury sustained by your child anytime they are representing or participating in any sport sponsored and approved by the Fox-Rok Athletic Association.  Any coach, manager, umpires, referees, their assistants, director, commissioner, club officers or anyone who volunteers shall NOT be held liable for injury or accident of any participant in any Fox-Rok Athletic Association sports program(s) or activities which results from the negligence of any of the above listed individuals.

Our Safe Sport Child Abuse and Other Misconduct Risk Management Plan!
Please download and read our Safe Sport Plan here: foxroksafesportchildabusemisconductriskmanagementplan07312020.pdf

Be advised that you provide the Fox-Rok Athletic Association with consent to take and use photographs of your child/children for use of
 promoting any Fox-Rok Athletic Association activities and possible website posting. 

Don't complain about it!  Volunteer and change it!
Nothing happens without volunteers!  Please contact Harry White if you wish to help out.  Whatever time you can offer will be sincerely appreciated!  Make a positive difference in a child's life!  

No Smoking Policy!
All City owned recreation centers and playgrounds are smoke-free!  Smoking is not allowed anywhere on any recreation center property – indoors or outdoors, including playgrounds, ball fields, courts, parking lots, lawns, and pool areas!  Thank you for not smoking.  

Attention All Coaches!
Please return all equipment and uniforms at the end of your season!
Please help keep your registration cost down by returning it to the basement of the Barber Shop.  For arrangements, please contact Matthew Williams via email at [email protected]

Emergency Lane Painted on Fox Chase School Property!
We have a wide emergency lane painted in yellow from the entrance of the Fox Chase school yard up to the main playing field entrance.  It is marked "NO PARKING" throughout the length of it.  We are asking that you do not park your vehicle in this lane.  We need to maintain a clear path in the event we require emergency medical or fire rescue service!  If you see someone parking there, please politely ask them to move their vehicle.  Please do your part to keep your children safe.


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